about me

    I just want to make beautiful things.


           The minute I held my first dichroic glass bead, I was hooked. I marveled at its perfect, vibrant sparkle and I knew I'd found my medium. So bold. So glittery. THIS was what I was meant to do. Working with glass makes me so happy.

It has been a long journey - thirteen years - but I am finally (Finally!) able to see the beads and pendants I've envisioned come to fruition. I use the same techniques large-scale glass artists use, but on a much smaller scale. My goal is to create pieces that are not just beads or jewelry, but tiny, gallery-quality, wearable works of art.

I believe in creating something, every day. I believe in making everything I do a work of art. And I believe that there is beauty everywhere, one just has to look.

I hope you like my glass. I hope it brings you as much joy as it brought me to make it.

Thank you for looking.



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